Budo: Japanese-Okinawan Masters of the Martial Arts

Budo: Japanese-Okinawan Masters of the Martial Arts

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Never before has there been so much rare martial arts footage compiled into one project. This is Japanese Budo at its finest, these are the men that continue the tradition. FightingSpiritMagazine.Com They are all here Yamaguichi, Ueshiba, Kano, Higa Seko, Nishiyama, Tomiki, Richard Kim, Oshiro, Demura, Tohei, Kubota, and close to 70 more of the most famous ever Japanese/Okinawan Masters of the Martial Arts.
Years in the making this documentary is a collection of the best Masters of Budo .... Karate, Aikido, Judo, Sword, Kobudo and much more. This is not just one persons collection but rather 15 plus of the worlds leading martial artists have contributed to its making. The narration is excellent, the music appropriate, and the writing factual. The footage dates back to 1917 circa and some as recent as 2003. This presentation close to two hours in length is perfect for martial arts schools to play as a history lesson or for those who are interested in comparing the kata of Higa Seko to that of Yagi Meitoku or who want to compare Hidetaka Nishiyama to Gichin Funakoshi or maybe Nagamines Shorin Ryu to Hohan Sokens Shorin Ryu. You will see why Masters like Ueshiba, Nishiyama, Kano and Miyazato will go down in history as legends and National Treasures of Japan. Plus you will see some of the most amazing feats of power ever, Tak Kubota smashing his shins with a sledge hammer, Seiji Uechi slicing a solid concrete slab in half with a single cut of a sword, MasOyama fighting a Bull, Hidetaka Nishiyama smashing boards in four different directions and so much more.
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