Bench Press

Bench Press

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Send your bench press poundage through the roof. Tips and routines from the experts.

Discover the real stories behind todays biggest names in professional bench pressing. Athletes from the United States, Germany and Austriatheir motivations, their true love for the sport of weightlifting, their success. Did you know that Ted Arcidi abandoned Tufts University and a promising career in dentistry to become a bench press world champion? His friends left him, his father disowned him. He lived in a cellar for one year. Then he became the first man in history who officially broke the 700 lb barrier in the bench press.

And more: How Anthony Clarks true belief led him to become the strongest bench presser of all times. The sophisticated techniques of Ken Lain, the light Texan. How Craig Tokarski, Americas new superheavyweight star was motivated by Ken Lains records and tried everything to break them. Tricks and tips of Chris Confessore, whose family support allows for stunning performances on the bench. The story of Michael Bruegger, who dominated the bench press in Germany for a long time. Training and techniques of Germanys Frank Pfraumer, the shooting star who placed among the worlds best recently. The amazing story of big Jim Williams, an athlete ahead of his time. How Mike Hall fulfilled his dream. Bench pressing with the Austrian giant Karl Saliger, one of the of most successful weightlifters of all time.

All champions reveal how they have made it. Learn everything about their motivation, their training, the best peaking cycle, the best equipment for success in the bench press. About their diets and the best exercises to increase your performance on the bench. Including dozens of super action photos of all athletes and much more...!

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