Ba Duan Jin - Eight Section Brocade Qigong Exercises

Ba Duan Jin - Eight Section Brocade Qigong Exercises

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Ba Duan Jin or Eight Section Brocade is an ancient Chinese Exercise that has been practised for over 800 years. It is renowned for the benefits it can bring for your health and longevity. Simple to learn and suitable for people of all ages, Ba Duan Jin is excellent for people recovering from illness and the prevention of injury.

From Master Tang you will learn the Eight Key Exercises and the Traditional Chinese medicine theory that lies behind Ba Duan Jin. These exercises, which focus on the cultivation of your bodys vital energy (Qi or Chi), are designed to help you achieve balance and harmony, improve your physical and mental well-being, and to ease away the tensions and stresses of modern living.

Master Tang Lai Wei A foundation member of the famous Beijing Wushu Team which won 12 consecutive China National Wushu Championships, Master Tang started training at the age of seven. He won over 30 medals in Chinas national wushu competitions, including Wushus highest award, the Wu Ying. Formerly a training partner of action star Jet Li, Master Tang now lives in Australia, holds a 7th Grade in Wushu and was recently awarded the Wushu Development Award by the Chinese Wushu Association.
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