Art & Science of Shotokan Karate #5

Art & Science of Shotokan Karate #5

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Art & Science of Shotokan Karate #5 $49.95USD RS39 Click to enlarge Featuring Master Instructor Ray Dalke. This tape will show you the essence of of Shotokan karate KATA like it has never been taught before. Finally someone makes sense out of Traditional Karate Katas and in this tape you will learn the basic katas to Black belt and the intricacies of them and exactly what and how they work when it comes to self defense. No ridiculous bunkai techniques that dont work in this tape. It is all solid information that brings kata into perspective like never before. Sensei ray Dalke is not just another karate instructor. He has trained for over 40 years and has been a student of the legendary Hidetakla Nishiyama right from the beginning when he came to the USA.

Approx 58 minutes Full Color.

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