Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Passing Guard for MMA

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Passing Guard for MMA

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The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Instructional Set

Over the course of his legendary Mixed Martial Arts career, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira developed the most effective, feared, and celebrated ground fighting system in existence. While climbing to the top of the MMA mountain, he used this system to not only defeat a host of the world's top fighters, including Mark Coleman, Mirco CroCop Filipovic, and Tim Sylvia, but also claim title belts in Rings, the Pride Fighting Championships, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship-the triple crown of MMA.

In PASSING GUARD FOR MMA, Nogueira divulges for the first time his elaborate systems for passing the closed guard, open guard, inside hooks guard, half guard, and downed guard. With each position, Nogueira offers numerous passes that you can utilize based upon your opponent�s reactions and defense, allowing you to escape the guard and obtain a dominant position in any situation.

Twenty years in the making, this DVD will give you an edge over your opponents.

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