Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu The BJJ Guard by John B. Wills

Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu The BJJ Guard by John B. Wills

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Once you have mastered the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or Ju Jitsu as some people prefer to spell it) check out Johns second book The BJJ Guard. Knowing how the Guard really works will take you to the heart of this ultimate fighting style. This book leads you towards a more through understanding of the BJJ Guard - often referred to as the 'soul' of BJJ! Advanced BJJ Guard can help you develop an awesome guard. Learn advanced Guard attacks, sweeps and reversals. This book is written for those who have a good basic knowledge and understanding of fundamentals of Brazilian Ju Jitsu. The book contains easy to follow sections and the secrets of success!

Heres what John B. Will says

Before coming to grips with the Guard Concept, it is of utmost importance that novices get the big picture as early as possible in their BJJ learning experience. At its most basic level, the Guard provides a means of preventing an opponent from achieving an effective and dominant position of control over our upper-body.

The BJJ Guard is broken into these easy to follow sections.

1. Basic guard principles
2. Guard skill development
3. Sweeps and reversals
4. Getting the back
5. Attacks from the Guard
6. Combination attacks
7. Basic passing principles
8. Passing skill development
9. Guard Passes
10. Combinations

The BJJ Guard is 116 pages and contains over 450 black and white photos with simple to follow instruction plus helpful tips and hints.

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