2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Best Goals,Best Players, Best Moments.

2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Best Goals,Best Players, Best Moments.

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This DVD contains 15 short features from the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa covering everything from the Opening Ceremony to the trophy presentation


Opening Ceremony - Highlights of the spectacular show with which South Africa welcomed the world.
Opening Match - Highlights of the opening match between host South Africa and Mexico
Top Goals and Saves - The best goals and saves from the tournament
Best Passes - A look at some incredible passes
Best Match - This exciting and dramatic match came in the Group Stage. Can you guess which match it is?
Managers - The cameras are trained on the sidelines where the Managers are often as active (and entertaining) as their players on the field.
Fans - The stadiums in South Africa were a sea of color and activity, with fans from around the globe displaying their love of country and passion for the game.
Magic Moments - A look back at some of the unforgettable moments of the tournament
adidas Golden Ball - Who was the best player?
Bloopers - Not even the worlds greatest players are perfect
Closing Ceremony - A musical extravaganza
The Finalists - The road to the final for the Netherlands and Spain
The Final - Highlights of a classic final between two European giants
On Camera - With more cameras than ever before, we were bound to see some amazing things
Musical Tribute> - A final look back
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