10 Week Size Surge

10 Week Size Surge

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Pack on pounds of mass in only 10 weeks. This is a step by step diet and training manual to help you build big.

Imagine packing 15, 20 or 25 pounds of new muscle on your frame. Even a more conservative amount like 10 pounds would make a tremendous difference in your appearance. If you don't think so, imagine 10 pounds of raw beef--about 20 hefty handfuls--laid out in front of you. Now imagine all that meat strategically placed on your frame as muscle. A handful on each upper arm, a couple on each thigh, a few on your back, traps, shoulders and chest. It's obvious that even 10 extra pounds of muscle creates an awesome transformation!

Now you can add that much muscle--and possibly more--to your frame in a few short weeks with the information in this bulletin. This is a step-by-step guide to help you push your muscle size and muscular bodyweight to new levels in record time. Give the mass-building plan a try, and you're guaranteed a physical transformation that will literally astound you.

In 1973 a bodybuilder packed on an amazing 63 pounds of muscle in four weeks in a research project known as the Colorado Experiment. Now you can follow in his footsteps with a proven testosterone-boosting high-intensity routine similar to the one he used and a detailed anabolic diet that spurs mucle growth.

Everything is outlined for you in 10-Week Size Surge: A Crash Course for Packing On Muscle. With this ultimate weight-gain manual, you'll discover:

The Size Surge Routines. Increase your natural testosterone and get max target-muscle stimulation every workout. This is two different mass-training phases in a 10-week cycle.

The Size Surge Diet. A balanced meal-by-meal eating schedule with the perfect protein-carb-fat percentages that deliver accelerated anabolic uptake. Plus, you get the recipe for the awesome Power Shake, a potent recovery and growth booster you can make without expensive supplements.

7 Sacred Rules for Packing On Muscle Weight You Should Never Break.

Here are the seven key secrets that will make your size skyrocket.

If you're serious about adding muscular bodyweight, give the mass-building plan in this power-packed bulletin a try. You're guaranteed a physical transformation that will literally astound you.

WARNING: Due to the rapid rate of muscle growth some people experience on this programup to 20 or 30 poundstiny stretch marks on the skin may occur at the pec insertion near the armpit; however, these tiny marks will fade over time and eventually almost invisible.

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